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Microbiology trainer

January 26, 2017

Suzanna Hawkey is in the Novel & Dangerous Pathogens training team with Public Health England

Suzanna Hawkey [BSc(Hons) Biological Sciences (Zoology), 1999] works for Public Health England. Her roles include training healthcare professionals about dealing with novel and dangerous pathogens.

Suzanna outlined some of her own experiences, including front line treatment of Ebola in West Africa. She described the various roles that a microbiology trainer might have, in working with audiences from experts through to the general public and school groups.

Suzanna gave insights into the care taken with highly contagious organisms. She also offered some general advice when looking for a job. These included:

  • Don’t be afraid you’re not always going in
  • the direction you expect.
  • You don’t know unless you ask, so always ask
  • If you get a chance to go on some lab visits, or volunteer, it’s great because you get to understand what the environment is like
  • Be prepared for your interviews
  • Sometimes it’s what you know that opens doors, but a lot of the time it’s who you know as well
  • Read scientific literature
  • Health and Safety is always important
  • Team work is very important
  • Develop knowledge, skills and experience
  • Relate what you learn to the real world

Slides from Suzanna’s talk can be seen via this link, and below.


A transcript of her talk is available via this link. This presentation was part of the 2016 series of Careers After Biological Sciences talks.

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