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Applying for vacation scholarships funded by the University of LeicesterUniLeic

In 2013, a series of additional vacation scholarships will be made available with the support of the School of Biological Sciences. There will be one experimental project funded by each of the Departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Cell Physiology and Pharmacology, and Genetics. There will be an additional Education project funded by the School. The awards will be for 6 weeks and the student will receive a stipend of £150 per week.

Eligibility: These studentships are only open to University of Leicester undergraduates studying on one of our Biological Sciences programmes (including the Medically-related courses) in the vacation between their second and final year. Applicants for experimental projects must also have applied for external funding (see below). Allocation of these scholarships will be made on a competitive basis. Academic criteria, such as prior educational performance, will be taken into consideration.

How to Apply: The procedure for Experimental projects and Education project will be different.
For Experimental projects – students must also have applied for one of the external sources of funding (i.e. the Learned Society schemes). To be considered for the local funding they must submit a copy of their society application, plus an additional covering letter explaining why they want to do a summer placement and what they hope to get out of it. This paperwork should be submitted as soon as possible after your application for external funding and, at the very latest, by 12 noon on Monday April 1st (please note that this is during the Easter vacation).
For Education projects – applications for an education project is an entirely internal process. Students interested in this route should select ONE project from the list below and discuss their intention to apply with the relevant supervisor. They must then submit an application to the School Office explaining why they want to do a summer placement and what they hope to get from the project. They should also give some indication of their intended career path after the current degree course. Please remember to identify the project for which the application is being made. This paperwork should be submitted by 12 noon on Monday April 1st (please note that this is during the Easter vacation).

Possible education projects
(further titles may become available at a later date, so please check back)

Title: Screencast for GelAnalyzer 2010
Supervisor: Dr Raymond Dalgleish (Genetics)
Brief description: The GelAnalyzer 2010 program on University of Leicester Windows 7 PCs provides sophisticated analyses of gel electrophoresis images, including calculation of band sizes. However getting the best out of the program is a complex task which could be made easier through the creation of screencasts to explain how particular anaylses are performed.

Title: Development of open educational resources (OERs) for the Virtual Genetics Education Centre
Supervisor: Dr Mark Goodwin (Genetics)
Brief description: The project will involve development of resources for the Virtual Genetics Education Centre (VGEC). The resources will be connected to current research, be aimed at s ashool or undergraduate audience, and explore the medical, ethical, legal and social aspects of developments in genetics and related biosciences.

Title: Setting up an innovative Teaching Suite for life science laboratory courses
Supervisor: Dr Martine Hamann (CPP)
Brief description: This project consists of setting up and customizing a medically orientated practical class with Labtutor 4 (this innovative interface improves learning outcomes and allows managing any number of courses with outstanding efficiency).

Title: Analysis of coverage of bioethically-relevant issues in popular dramas and documentaries
Supervisor: Dr Chris Willmott (Biochemistry)
Brief description: Developments in biology and biomedicine frequently have consequences for individuals and society. It is therefore not surprising that many of these innovations are picked up by authors of popular drama and/or the makers of TV documentaries. This project will involve analysis of media coverage of one or more bioethical topic (primarily using the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching) prior to the development of teaching resources.

Title: Investigating the knowledge of undergraduate students about the properties of amino acids
Supervisor: Dr Chris Willmott (Biochemistry)
Brief description: This project will involve digitisation and analysis of pre-collected data investigating the extent to which students’ knowledge of the structure and properties of amino acids develops during the study programs at the University of Leicester.

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