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Civil Servant (Department of Health)

May 13, 2012

Gwen Nightingale

After a short time filling in as a shop assistant, Gwen Nightingale [BSc(hons) Biological Sciences (Genetics), 2001] joined the home civil service via the FAST stream, and was allocated to the Department of Health. Gwen spoke about working in the civil service in general, before illustrating this by reference to the variety of different roles she has played during the last ten years. This has included looking at strategies to retain doctors in the health system (via introduction of flexible working practices) and on the drafting of four Acts of Parliament.

Although there is no obvious correlation between a degree in Biology and many aspects of her work, Gwen argues that many of the generic skills picked up via practical work, for example, served her in good stead for the job. At other times this background has been of direct relevance, for example in her role with the Human Genetics Commission and as a Bioethics lead.

The slides and an audio recording of Gwen’s talk are available below (or via this link).

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